Sunday, June 8, 2014

140608 TimC next workshop invite

On 6/8/2014 7:40 AM, Tim C wrote:
We are scheduling a workshop this coming Tuesday, June 10th. Hope you can join us. ... We are continuing projects.

I will be testing a new surface I put on my work board. I drilled new dowel holes on my board that will handle 6,8and 10" mirrors and tools. I then coated it with a water based polyurethane. These holes are located so you can wedge a mirror or tool on top the board so it will not move. I have been using Jerry's trick till now of putting plain newspaper on the work table. Spray the newspaper and it becomes the perfect surface to work on. At the end of the session you simply roll up the newspaper and the mess is clean. Now I am polishing there is a lot more lateral force on the work surface. It may need a little more staying power, hence the dowels. But have I blown it? Will the slicker surface create an "ice rink" for the disks? Let's find out Tuesday. 

Also, we may have a discussion on building testers. I am toying with updating a tester I've been using for years. I'd like to build one like Tom is using. The light source is what I'd like to improve on. With mine I cannot pot it down in intensity. Tom has told me I need to use a different set of resistors to bring the ability of the potentiometer up to our standard. You want the light source to go from bright to all the way down to just lit up. As well as this I'd like to create an ability to go from fully open light source to a pin point or slit. I think we can do this easily. So, if you can join in please do so.

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